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Do it yourself braces

The concept of “Do It Yourself” (DIY) work has been around for a long time. Few things are more satisfying than completing a job well done, and saving money while doing it. For many household tasks, one can research the topic online and within a matter of minutes, have a general idea of how to […]

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Why Retainers

Which Retainer Do I Need? As orthodontic treatment comes to an end and your braces are removed, the orthodontist will likely want to use some type of retainer to keep (or retain) your teeth in their new position. Before we talk about the different types of retainers, let’s discuss why retainers are necessary. Teeth are […]

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How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

One question we hear on a daily basis deals with the length treatment our patients will be in braces. Each orthodontist/dentist will have a different answer for this question, sometimes varying as much as a year or more! So what gives? There are several factors that determine the total treatment time; the following two are […]

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Who is our Next Brusher of The Month?

We love seeing our patients get nothing but ‘A’s’ on their brusher report card, and Gabrielle Hernandez has done just that! She will be so excited to find out she gets to take home $100 at her next appointment! Congratulations, Gabrielle! Keep Up The Good Work! Remember to always keep up on your hygiene and […]

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