A No Clutter New Year

The years seem to be flying by and 2015 is quickly coming to an end, 2016 will be here before we know it! Now’s the time to get organized and focused.

January is a great month for getting organized and back on track. The holiday season brings hustle and bustle and it’s easy to be derailed with holiday parties, visiting family and the endless holiday activities!


Making The Most out of Winter

January in the Treasure Valley is usually pretty cold. When you’re not out on the slopes, you’re usually tucked away inside staying cozy and warm; which is the perfect time to tackle those chores you’ve been putting off!

Don’t fret, though. With these helpful ideas, getting organized will be a breeze!

According to Clean Organized Family Home, the key to home organization is to declutter your home. We agree. Nothing feels as good as tossing the old and starting a new, without clutter!

To get started, ask yourself:

  • Have I used this recently?

  • Have I enjoyed this recently?

  • Does someone in this family value this?

  • Will I need this later?

  • If my house was burning down, would I save this?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, it’s obvious you should keep it. Next, anything you plan to keep should be placed in one of five bags/boxes.

Label as follows:

  • Other rooms

  • Give away

  • Toss/recycle

  • Storage

  • Garage/yard sale

Once you have your designated bags/boxes, use these tips to organize what you’re keeping.

  • A place for every item

  • Store items near where you use them

  • Keep like items together

  • Use baskets/boxes to corral small objects

Now that you’ve made strides to organize your home, it’s important to control future clutter!Pinterest is full of helpful decluttering ideas that you’re sure to love, but here are just a few we think are most helpful.

  • Use a “catchall” basket in the busiest rooms of your home. Use them to catch keys, mail, receipts and other items, until you have a chance to get to them.

  • In with something new, out with something old. Anything new you bring home should warrant tossing anything past it’s prime.

  • Spend a few minutes before buttoning up for the night to tidy up a bit. Hang coats, fold laundry, and stow away shoes/gloves/hats etc.

  • Use a family “station” to keep everyone current. Use a family calendar for important appointments, school information, bills, invitations, etc. to help everyone stay centered and up-to-date. Again, thanks to Pinterest, there are plenty of “home-command-station” ideas to choose from!

Don’t Forget!

With the new year brings new funds to your HSA/FSA accounts. Scheduling your orthodontic appointments now, will put you ahead of the game and the new year’s rush! Call us today and we’ll be happy to get all your orthodontic appointments scheduled and out of the way!

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Happy Organized New Year!

~Dr. Tingey’s Office Team

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