What do braces cost?

As you can imagine, some teeth are more crooked than others and need more time and effort to straighten. Our treatment fees are based generally on the estimated length of treatment for each individual.

People with minor orthodontic problems will complete treatment more quickly and will pay less for the service than those people with more complex problems. We try hard to make orthodontic service more affordable and will often identify options that will fit your goals. A complementary  examination in our office is the best way to find out what treatment you need and what it will cost. As a consumer you will appreciate knowing the complete cost of orthodontic treatment before you begin.

Our treatment fees are all-inclusive without any hidden fees or charges.  

Affordable Payment Plans

Our Boise and Meridian office locations have the ability to offer personally customized payment options.

As a way of making orthodontic treatment more affordable, we can spread out the payments over the length of the treatment time. Our payment plans are designed with 0% interest if the payments are timely. You can also use your credit card or use CareCredit to finance the fee.

If your insurance has orthodontic benefits, we are happy to file the claim for you and help you receive the benefits that are available. Flex Plans and Medical Savings Accounts are a great way to pay for anticipated orthodontic treatment. We can help you estimate what your annual withholding needs will be so you can take advantage of the tax savings.

Have questions about how much your treatment might cost? Want to learn more about our affordable payment plans? Give one of our offices a call and our team will be more than happy to help answer any ortho related questions you may have!

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