Meridian orthodontic patient after bracesTake a moment and discover what real Boise patients and Meridian patients have to say about their orthodontic experience at Tingey Orthodontics!

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“Dr. Tingey has been such a blessing to our family. Thanks to his fine work both my daughters have BEAUTIFUL constant-comment smiles. We are thrilled with the results.”

– Michelle Cady

“My family has been patients of Dr. Tingey for many years. From watching a toddler’s overbite to braces for 2 teens and myself. The office and professional staff are outstanding. The results are wonderful and the follow-up care can’t be beat. I recommend Dr. Tingey for anyone needing orthodontic care. “

– Mary Dambitis

“My orthodontic program has been an absolute pleasure with Dr. Tingey and staff. They make sure you have all the information you need and treat you like family. This is the differentiator between a good and great experience.”

– Thanks, Ben

shutterstock_224804230“Dr. Tingey and his staff are awesome! We moved to Boise 16 years ago and I needed to find an orthodontist that could take over my teeth care. I was lucky I chose to go to Dr. Tingey. I have been going to his office once a month for ever since. I had braces and I was pregnant with my 3rd child, who is now 15 and 1/2. After my braces came off, I had a few months reprieve. Shortly, my oldest, Emily got her braces, then, Hayley, Kylie, Andrea, and Kyle. Dr. Tingey and his staff have been a second family. We just took off the last set of braces (for awhile, I have one more child) and we all have beautiful straight teeth. We aren’t sure what we are going to do not visiting them once a month. The entire office is professional, caring, and friendly. Looking for an orthodontist? You’d make the right choice if you went to Dr. Tingey. We love them!”

– Russ and Rhonda

“We love Tingey Orthodontics! Five children and one mom have received beautiful, straight teeth from Dr. Tingey and we couldn’t be happier! The friendly staff is great to work with and we have even received compliments from our dentist on the great job that Dr. Tingey did in fixing all the major and minor problems. “

– Bruce and Lillian Wallace Family

“We have two sons that are now done with braces! Dr. Tingey treated both of them, and we feel that he did a terrific job! We are very happy with the results in both cases and we want to show our thanks by telling others about our great experience! “

– Alison Bear

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