Who Won Everything in Dr. Travis’ Stocking Contest?

December was a great month! Everyone had holiday cheer and Christmas spirit to spare. We had such a great time with our “Guess What’s Inside Dr. Travis’ Santa Stocking” contest, too!

There were tons of guesses, but in the end, it was Jolie Drake and Rachel Sturkie that took everything home.

December Contest Winner - Joile Drake of Boise

Jolie Drake was our Boise office winner with the most correct answers! She took home

gift cards to Dr. Travis’ favorite ice cream and burger spots, movie tickets, and candy, among other great prizes. Jolie exclaimed that she has “never won anything in her life” and was super excited and very happy to have won!

Meridian Winner

Our lucky Meridian office winner was Rachel Sturkie. She will be picking up her prize at her next appointment! We can’t wait to see her excitement, as well!

What’s Our Next Contest?

Check back soon to find out! We will make our announcement and you won’t want to miss it!

Have you scheduled your next appointment, yet?

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~Dr. Tingey’s Office Team

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